Being aupair

I decided to start writing blog (again) .

Hello world!

People said: Live every single moment as it comes.

But for me, I COULDN’T.

My life was just so simple and easy back on the days I lived in Vietnam, I thought I did enjoyed, but I didn’t. There were so much troubles came to me. It was so funny that, I even thought, I was so lucky when those troubles,  they didn’t come at the same time, so that I have time to deal one by one cases. But once, when everything happened ( expected and unexpected way), all overlapped, the studies, the teachers, school rules, family, friends and such. I felt like s.h.t!

 And it still happens now. Sometimes. I don’t know why do I have to enjoy every single day, when it is just a boring days with undefined future and such. For the last 3 years, I have been thinking a lot about:  What do I want to do and What kind of person I would like to be in the future. That were, I think, the most popular for persons no matter what age they are. But you know what, I was stressed about that. I think I am the kind of person who can get worried, anxious and nervous easily …

I couldn’t live EVERY SINGLE SECOND FOR MYSELF, truly.

Until now

I am trying to live, as its the last day of my life.

DSC_2183.JPG (Suomenlinna – Finland)

And I found out, that those troubles when I was in Vietnam – mostly they were high school’s troubles – the troubles that can easily get in high school systems. I could have been happier, if I don’t care about them too much, and think more wider and wiser.

And now, the easiest way to answer for those questions up there, is that, I should try out everything, to see what suits me best. That is the reason why I am here, writing blog. I wanted to try,  to keep , and to share my everyday’s thoughts, experiences and opinions about life. And hopefully, someday, I will get the satisfied answers 🙂

And This is Me – TammiTammy – or Huyen Vu, 21 years old Vienamese girl, moving to Finland 3 years ago, studying International Business in Vaasa, learning Korean, Finnish, and Swedish. At the moment, living in Helsinki, working as an au pair with 2 little crazy funny kids, slowly experiencing and enjoying moments, and writing blogs.

x Tammi

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