Being aupair

How did I become an au pair?

Continuing the previous post, I am here now, talking about my quick decisions and how do I feel about this experience.

Exactly half year ago. I was doing internship in DezanShira in Hanoi. It was so boring that I started thinking I should do something differently . And I thought, I might like working with kids. Yes, crazy, I know. Who likes to work with kids at the age of 20 ( I turned 21 few weeks after, and still thinking I am 20 now). And at that time, I remembered, my friend Johanna sometimes did talked about her awesome time when she was being au pair in London, and how lovely her host family is.

And without any hesitations, I use maybe the last 30mins at work to do “a research”. I started looking to some websites, and found – a great website to search for a matchy host family. I texted a guy from South Korea – he wanted an “au pair” for his 80-90 year old mom who lives in a village and one other Korean family with 2 boys. Just for fun.

But that were actually good drafts. About 10-15mins before my shift done, I found my “nowadays” host, and I texted them like crazy. I think it is crazy but at the time, sounds energetic and funny enough that they immediately replied to me (or they couldn’t find anyone else). And that is it. I GOT THE JOB 😍

I moved from Vaasa to Helsinki. And it has been nearly 3 months of being an au pair now 😊 and so far, I feel that was a great decision, I am enjoying everyday playing with them, and spending summer in Helsinki 😊

X Tammi

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