TINDER – BADOO – hot or not!

I have been thinking a lot about this topic, should I write use it as a new subject for my blog or shouldn’t I. Because all of them are my personal stories and I have never ( or barely seen) anyone who “dare” to publish their own experiences while using those “dating apps”.  (of course some, when they found their forever-love successfully).

But, I gonna share it here anyway, cuz somehow its fun, and just want to tell you all, how does it work and my personal opinions about those apps.

First, What is TINDER, BADOO and such?

They are by far among the most popular dating apps (or friend-searching apps) in the market. According to this website, Badoo is most downloaded app in 21 countries and Tinder is a bit behind as its popular in 18 countries in the whole world. I just gonna use them as the two “representatives” for dating apps in general. And personally, I only (or mostly) have these 2 apps in my phone.

I have been using these 2 dating apps for more or less 2 years. Found my ex-boyfriend on Badoo and now, “have been seeing” a guy for a month on Tinder (maybe not anymore).


I can’t remember how much people I have been chatting (for fun), maybe about 50-100 people already, around 7 of them are “selected” to going on the first date, and only 2 of them I went to the second date and still keeping contact with (my ex and the guy, obviously).

Almost all the apps have Limited distance and Limited ages to make you select easier. I used Badoo when I was in Vaasa (a small city on the west-coast of Finland), I think I chose Distance from 1km to 30km something, Ages are between 21 and 29. And I am living in Helsinki now, and using Tinder. I set distance from 1km to 8km, and guys from 23-29. (I am so lazy to “Swipe” already and soon or later fed up with this app, so the nearer the better).

I would say, most people in Badoo just want to chat, without seeing or meeting. Im not sure is it because I was in Vaasa and there are only around 67500 residents or what, but the only guy I went on a date with is my ex-boyfriend. The rest are just bulling every day. Some of them they even have time to be Finnish teacher anytime and anywhere, for free… But, most of them are drunk people. The most memorable experience of mine in Badoo is that, on one Friday night, one guy from maybe Tampere? (which is around 240km from where I live) texted me that he will go hitchhiking from there to Vaasa. He actually used pizza boxes to write down “Vaasa” and stuff, but I think eventually he passed out somewhere on the road, the day after, he said he was sleeping somewhere on the highway and then went back home? … However, I have never ever met a guy who just wants to have sex there in Badoo. That is actually a good thing, compare to Tinder.

Back to Tinder, I wound say, everyone or almost everyone there, they just want to have one-night-stand. I think about 60% of them asking for that in the second or the fifth sentence of a conversation. I went out with about 5 guys, and none-of-them I have been with on the second date. I asked one guy, he said, it is really popular in Asia, like South Korea or Japan, people just using it for fun, and it is common to ask one out, for a talk, or just for one-night-stand. And he even said, that if I want to find “a guy”, its so much easier if I just go to the bar!

Now, I started thinking the same thing, why would we don’t we just use that app to meet people, they don’t need to be met for the second time, but at least, in the big city like Helsinki, you will never feel lonely, because there will be more than one person you can talk with, and just killing time by talking and meeting them.

So, basically, those apps are RECOMMENDED, IF you are lonely and just want to have some fun 😀

Those are my opinions about dating apps, tell me yours 🙂 and Have a super week 🙂

x Tammi


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