Being aupair

Being aupair in Finland

Minulla on niin hauskaa kun pelaan lasten kanssa. Viettäminen Helsingissä kesällä on tosi mukavaa. Toistaiseksi, sanoisin, olen tehnyt hienon päätöksen!


(Vappu – the First of May celebration for Swedish speaking Finns is held at 10am on Kaivopuisto or Kaisaniemi something, * I am pretty sure it is always in Kaisainiemi, but please tell me which one is corrected*)

So, I officially moved to Helsinki and being aupair on Vappu – The first of May.

And, It was a terrible idea, because I would have so much fun if I spent time with my friends to celebrate on that day, instead of being home and started cleaning the house … It was the worst Vappu I have ever had in my life.

But I would say, that is the only bad thing of my au pair career so far. Because, I gonna tell you how much fun I have had during this time.

I decided to move to Helsinki because I think, studying language without practicing is useless. Among those languages I am studying, mostly I learn Finnish. So I am here, to practicing Finnish, and finding my career path. I don’t want to work in Vaasa for the whole summer anymore, I believe, money can’t make your life better, only skills can. 

  • Being aupair is that, I always look like a young mom with a 2 year old kid when going out, a clumsy hazy au pair while with 2 of them and exactly a household mom when I have to do housework and talking to kids at the same time.

(this was when I have to hold the lil kid because she wanted to be with me, and the elder one also wanted to “cook” some soup herself as well).

  • Being aupair is that, I have to play the same game for a month (or more than that already, can’t really remember), or have to find some treats when the kids nagging or screaming or having “extra energy and power”. That is really hard!



  • Being aupair is spending at home more than outside, totally lack of free time. The working hour for aupair in Finland is 5 hours per day, 6 days per week but sometimes, or I would say 4/6 days I have to work overtime. Because the parents are busy!

But, actually I always receive good treatments from my host parents.

  • I went with my host family to Stockholm last May with my own cabin (and will go again with them in next August, I am sooo excited ^.^ )
  • Almost everyday I have smoothie with my host mom (I did sometimes also, but my host mom does is the best ever ❤


  • When I am suddenly sick, or having headache, my host mom always knows how to cure the pain, for example one day I woke up with a really strange voice, she gave me this drink, the XS legendary from AmWay


  • I can take 2 to 3 Finnish/Swedish language courses for free


  • Sometimes I got surprised gifts from the kids: flowers, car toy, some strange stone for keeping healthy stuff (?) (mainly the elder one). The elder one even gave me 1e when I said I don’t have money, because I bought a lot of stuff already. And she gave me 1e with a lesion, SAVE UP!. this handmade bag is one of the gift from her 🙂


  • Usually in my free time, I don’t have anything to do (I did took some online courses but haven’t even done all of the assignments yet, oops). But I did brought my ukulele with me, sometimes I just playing with my laptop by the window and now, I start sitting down in peace and writing blogs


  • I love when they pay compliment on my cooking skills, and sometimes, my host mom cooks as well, and her food is heaven ❤ And I think I did tried this thing (don’t remember what is it in ether Vietnamese, Finnish or English anymore, so please let me know if you know this kind of “Finnish traditional summer food”, or is it? haha 🙂 )



  • Sometimes, the lil kid calls me “äiti” (she just wants me to hold her, like her mom always does when they see each other), still, I feel so sweet ❤ . But it really NOT, when you are in public and everyone looks at you like “wow, is it legal to be mom when she looks like a secondary school?”. It is so embarrassing!


  • Or when, I found we have the same “thing” on our cheeks, my “only one” acne grows quite near the stupid hole on the lil kid’s face (cuz she has allergy and the hole is always there no matter if the allergy is gone or not). I feel so Magical 🙂


  • Or sometimes, My host parents give me drinks also 😍 They said, I am the very first aupair they ever gave/bought drinks for 🙂

And tons of sweet things everyday ❤ ❤ ❤

Sometimes, I get mad at the kids because they are so confusing to understand, asking too much or do some stupid things, I feel angry at the parents when I have to clean that much times. Buuut, all in all, I feel so lucky to be here and be part of the family. This is one of the greatest decision I have ever made 🙂

x Tammi

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