do you still miss your ex?

Most of the views I got are from my last post tinder – badoo – hot or not? , therefore, I guess, I would continue from that post then 🙂IMG_3935

If you do still miss your ex, that is lovely! Because, before being your ex, they were a good friend, a person who you enjoyed to being with. They were also your best friend, the closest person who you did shared lots of memories and secrets with. So, miss a good friend is not an embracing thing 🙂

And after all, IT ( I meant your Ex ) is also a human.

It is understand able to miss IT, because, the process of leaving away  from IT is hard. Many people even died after broken up. Luckily, you are still here, reading my blog. So, just missing IT, and keep the best memories you have shared with each other 🙂

It is understandable to miss IT, because, even my host kid, she cried a lot after I accidentally threw her baby snail (found yesterday) in the trash and the food container into the dishwasher. ( I Am A BITCH, but, She still believes that snail is still in the trash can, and alive. And I also hope for the same thing) ❤

A kid can cry because of one snail they “met” yesterday, why can’t we cry because one person is leaving us? And because of the moment you used to share with IT, you will, definitely will, miss IT forever, even you deny that fact or not.

So, go for it, do miss your Ex, maybe let them know, that you are still miss them, (as a friend).

Remember, before IT is your Ex, IT used to be your good and true friend 🙂

“Are you ready to move on?” post will be published right afterward.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my blog. And I would love to hear your thoughts about my posts so far 🙂 

x Tammi




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