are you ready to move on?

There are so many articles about “signs that you know if you are get over your broken relationship” and sht. I will use the research of 2 people to clarify and make it as brief as I can. One is Kennedy-Moore and Watson with their book “Expressing emotion” and the other one is “Five stages of grief” – also known as Kübler-Ross model by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But I will describe it in a my own way with my personal experiences.


Well actually its not that complicated. All scientific psychology posts can be found in the internet, for example this site and this site .

Basically, you know you are ready to move on when you meet the right person who makes you feel relaxing and comfortable with, like with your Ex before. When you find exactly the same emotions you have had in your previous relationship, it means, you are ready 🙂

Thank you for reading this stupid post, I hope you have a chilly Friday and have a nice weekend.


x Tammi




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