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Summer bucket list?

As a Vietnamese – an Asian – I would never ever have made a “Summer bucket list”, if I were still living in Vietnam.

FullSizeRender (1)

Because, in Asia, some times, we even have up to 40-50 degree Celsius (real feels might be higher?). Summer lasts about 6 to 10 months (or even the whole year round in the south). For example, the average temperature of Vietnam is 29 to 30 degrees. So, who would wish for Summer comes?

For me, the rest of the seasons are my favorite, except Summer. Summer is hot as hell, I always sweaty and dirty af, even when I just come out from the bath for just 5 minutes. During the last 18 years staying in Vietnam, I never enjoyed to “go out for a walk” in the summer, don’t even think about go to the park to read a book …

I only make “a Bucket List” when I am going away to other cites for vacation. There fore, not only my, but I bet almost Vietnamses – I might say Asian as general – we have no clues Why would we make a Summer bucket list?


Making a Summer Bucket List is a must, in Finland, or would I say, Nordic countries? I can be written down in the A4 paper, or in the notebook, like this.


This is my lovely Birthday gift from Yulia ❤ Thank you 🙂

Because, as a Nordic country, Finland is always always cold and freezing as hell. Summer ( a real summer) might be only 2 to 3 weeks or a month is maximum. So, it is A MUST to list out things that we want to do in that short time.

I have made a reaaally long list ( not as long as my host kid has) and by far, I have done more than half of it 🙂 I wrote it in my bad Finnish in that notebook

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

To most of my readers from Finland, please correct my bad Finnish so that I can make the list better next year 🙂

And for all of you, haven’t you made your own list for this Summer? Show me yours, I will tell you mine, after Summer 🙂

This is my own opinions about a Summer bucket list. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog.  Let me know your thoughts down below in the comment box and I hope you will have a lovely week 😊 ❤

3 thoughts on “Summer bucket list?

  1. I feel exactly the same about life in Australia! Summer is definitely not a novelty where I live because it’s so long, hot and dry. I feel sad because the winter is already starting to come to an end and summer is coming again! Your bucket list is interesting – good luck fulfilling it 🙂


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