This week, Weekly photo challenge topic is about Textures. It took me an hour to think what i should write.

And here is the answer. This is one of my most favorite pictures. 


This is the original photo from my phone.

In the (not really) center of the picture, my lovely kid (I meant host kid – I am too young to think about my own now) is picking the leaves, or hunting ants (she is ants’s hunter), but I am not sure. (Cessi, when you are grow up and read this post, tell me what was it again, I forgot 😀 )

I gave her Blue hat with Orange T-shirt and Grey pants. So, I would say, her Outfit is absolutely matchy matchy with the green of Summer ❤ I can fully feel the “tactile element” in this picture and also, the Love 🙂

I love you Pikku Cessi, I finally found “My most favorite kid in town” ❤

x Tammi


5 thoughts on “love

      1. yes i know, I noticed this thing yesterday, the picture disappeared when i opened the blog by phone but with the computer, its still there … but yeah i hope you can see it now 🙂 thank you so much for letting me know and i hope you enjoy my blog ❤

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