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Finnish Summer in reality

As a Vietnamese, before going to Finland, what did I expect about Summer?

  1. Hot but CANT be above 30 Degree Celsius
  2. Being drunk in Music Festivals
  3. Travel around Europe
  4. Going picnic by the sea ( I meant in an quite island)
  5. Picking and Eating berries and fresh mushrooms
  6. Going to Summer cottage
  7. Going to muumimaailma
  8. Going to amusement park
  9. Sit down in the park and do nothing
  10. NO rain and CANT be cold

In reality. 

  1. Hot, sometimes, I think the maximum Degree Celsius last year was about 27-28 degrees ? I would say, Summer in Finland lasts about 2 weeks, in total (or maybe a week and a half ? ) But anyway, I think, it actually warmer and last longer these days, as the result of Globe Warming. Mostly raining and cold. So, I am a bit disappointed . Buuuuut, the drainage system in Finland is good ( I meant better than in Vietnam) as even its raining really heavy (like today) but no flooding as in Vietnam and some others.
  2. I dont have time and friends to go to any Music Festivals yet. So please if you are living in Helsinki, I am up to any Music Evens so please let me know if you are going to any of them ❤  
  3. No money, no time, not brave enough to travel alone. I even got lost while using Metro in Finland – they have only 2 lines, back and forth.
  4. I did and it suuuper cool and relaxed, in Suomenlinna, Seurasaari and while I was in Vaasa, I think most of the time I sit by the sea ❤
  5. Last year yes, a few Blueberries and its soo sour …
  6. Never been to Summer Cottage in the Summer. Buuuuut few weeks ahead and I will go ❤
  7. Never ever been but I hope this summer I could go. I like Nipsu, Pikku Myy and Nuuskamuikkunen the most.
  8. Never ever been to, I really really looking forward to go in this summer. For those who live in Helsinki, If some of you want to go, please count me in
  9. That is what I usually do, sometimes, when it is a good weather. This year maybe more than 5 times already ❤
  10. Here in the picture is Helsinki today 🙂 , just for some of you who cant see it clearly, IT IS RAINING.tempImageForSave.jpg

 So, here is some of my expectation about Finnish Summer as a Vietnamese. Next time, I will tell you about Summer in Vietnam 🙂 Let me know what do you curious about Summer in Asia 🙂

Thank you for reading. I wish you a wonderful chilly Friday and have a nice weekend 🙂 

x Tammi




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