how to satisfy everyone

just do whatever they say, follow their steps to please them, and ready to being forgotten 🙂


2 weeks ago, I wrote my very first post in this blog. I wrote everyday with whatever topics that pop up in my mind, constantly 5 times per week. I posted it here, right after I have finished, in other word, everything I posted, is the very first draft.

And I asked everyone who have read my blog, "How is it ?"

Some says simple, good, understandable, enjoyable, useful and interesting. Some says, it is bullshit, non senses, too much posts, too simple content, too simple English, super mainstream and meaningless. They don't see any point of reading and surely will never visit my blog again.

I was so upset. And honestly last Monday, I didnt post anything.

I was about to give up.

But then

I know, I CANT please every single one of them. So, I still gonna write whatever I see and whatever I think about life, 5 times per week to please me first – because I love writing, chatting and talking, even if it just monologue. However, from now on, I will post my second draft (If I have), so the content and idea will be more clear. and concise.

And for all of you, everyday post will be something that belongs to 6 main topics: Being Aupair, Love/Sarcasm, Finland, Prompt, Lifestyle and Being Vietnamese ) So, come over sometimes, when the Title is fascinating to you enough 🙂


If you do nothing, live like a deaf dummy baby and try hard to satisfy people, one day, nobody will remember what you have done. Eventually, people will forget that you also have your own and unique personality, that you just didn't want show off, because, you scared. And you too, you will forget, who you really are. 

Thank you for reading this post and Thank you so much to all of you who gave me comments about my blog, it totally helps me a lot ❤

Have a great week ❤

x Tammi

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