Being aupair · finland

I am an bad au pair.

Nobody told me (yet). But, I feel. that I will never ever find anyone worse than me.

  1. I thought 8 year old child is a grown up person. I meant, when she can be home alone, she can actually go to the store or go to school, plays with computer or iPad by herself, why would I have to be a nanny for her?? From those reasons, recently, I automatically don’t care much about her as I used to do before. I forgot, she is still a child.
  2. We have so much argument. Even the smallest thing like I asked her in a rude way to bring the plate to the kitchen after she finished her meal. Because it happens over 5 times already.
  3. I don’t want to play the game “Who are you or what are you” game which she usually be a dog and I am the owner. I used the way another nanny have used, I told her the game is boring sometimes and I dont want to play with her anymore.
  4. I told her the wrong answers when her dad and her were playing some games that has multiple choices when we were in the cruise. Her dad were mad at me and that were the time she felt she her level of education is higher than me, so she started being like she can control me. For some reasons, I acted like I am a Dumb.
  5. She reads “night stories” for us ( which an adult – me – I supposed to do it but she said my Finnish is strange so she wants to read it out loud for us)
  6. The worst thing is that, I care too much about the little kid, and forgot, the elder one also needs attention. 

The result is, the elder kid got so mad at me. I think, she even lied to her parents sometimes to make them hate me, as much as the way she did. She hit me with her hands, her body were shaking when I accidentally pulled off  a piece of paper on her book (which said the owner is one of her new toy – I just realized). Imagine the word “Angry to shiver”, she were exactly like that. And tons of things more, we started hate each other .

Everyday, from the moment I woke up until I went to bed, I felt like shit. Completely and exactly like shit. Sometimes, I were so stressful and tired at the same time. Stressful about her behavior and tired of working overtime. I didn’t want to go out but didn’t want to stay at home (in my own room to be more precise) ever and I started to regret to being an au pair. But actually I didnt think about to move out!

However, I getting over it now, and we are starting to be friends again. I will tell you later tomorrow 🙂


Dancing with Muumi show in the cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 🙂

x Tammi


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