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Do not lie

Actually, I meant, Do not make jokes to kids

I am writing this post as a reminder for myself. But I hope it will help all the au pairs out there also. If you have problems with your host kids, here you go.

There are things that au Au pair should not do, corresponding to my previous post:

1. Kids they are kids until 12 year old ( as "a friend of mine" said ) So kids are kids, even they can do (almost) everything themselves, they are just "pure pearls" who knows nothing about the galaxy but trying to be like "I know everything" – thats where the "childish" word comes from, I think 😅

2. Try to understand and be friends with them. I meant a "grown-up-friends". Even you are mad, YOU CANT BE MAD, the kid learn from the way you act, so don't show any "bad characters" to them. Be a friend, talk to them if they do something wrong. Dont try to teach them, your host parents will kill you. Remember, be a "grown up friends" – dont be a mom 😁

3. They love playing with you, play with then then. For example in my case, I won't call my host kid name, instead, I assume she is a dog (until she decides to end the Dog's game) and call her by the dog's name. (Every time she has different names)

4. Do not lie. I meant, Do not make jokes with kids, they don't understand. Your host parents will kill you if you make jokes with their kids. Remember, kids are "pure pearls"

5. Putting kids to bed are one of the hardest things for Au pair. So, stay calm, be a sweet friend and talk to them if they dont want you to read books. But dont let them to play video games either, your host parents wont kill you, but its bad for the kid's eyes 👀

6. You are not a mom yet, so don't act as their mommy, who always trying to look after the kids at the same time. And you are not their sister or relative either, so, don't show even if you happened like to play with only one of them . You are an au pair, try to be just an au pair, be friends with all of your host kids. Just be their grown up friend. If you cant find anything to satisfy all of your host kids, maybe cooking helps. Lets just cook together, its fun 😉

So here are my tips for being an Au Pair. It is not as easy as you think, but not as horrible that some of your friends told you. If you tired, talk to your friends. Talking definitely will make you feel better 😊

Thank you for reading. I need to pick up the little one from kindergarten so I will end here 😊 Have a nice day ☺️

x Tammi

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