To Vaasa ♥️

Vaasa, eh … what are you going to do there?
I am on the train going from Helsinki to Vaasa and from there, we will drive to summer cottage in Virrat! I am super excited 😊

Recently, I have been asked this question for few times: What do they have in Vaasa? What are you going to do there? Do they have any special places?

Always, my answer is: I don't know 🤷‍♀️

Or: Well City Center and Replot Bridge ( which is near Vaasa ) and hmmm what else 🤔 Oh yeah, the City Center is small and you can't find any good stores except H&M and Minimani. The bridge is known as the longest bridge in Finland with the length of 1,045 meters (3,428 ft). Compare with Vasco da Gama Bridge in Portugal – the longest bridge in Europe which is 12.345 kilometers (7.671mi) long … well if you are from other content in the world, would you like to go to visit Vaasa or Portugal? 😂 Also, there are some museums so if you are into architecture and history, welcome to Vaasa ☺️

Vaasa is known as the second largest student city in Finland (Helsinki always the first) but don't decide to live in Vaasa because of that reason, Pori and Tampere are best known as affordable student cities.

So am I talking about disadvantages of living in Vaasa? No, I just telling the truth, Vaasa has nothing to see. I have met so many students leaving the city after a semester because they got bored 😐

However, Vaasa for me, is a second home. I met my first friends there, who are such amazing people. Almost all of my friends in Finland are either from Vaasa or living there. I started my university life in Vaasa (even though it is just University of Applied Sciences). I moved out from my parents house and started my own life in Vaasa. And it has been 3 years now. 3 years is not a long time, of course, but it is long enough to say: Vaasa is my second home.

Vaasa has nothing to see, but it is worth to visit Vaasa once in your life.

This is the bridge at night. I first came here with my 3 awesome people ☺️

This is the road to my old place at 5:30AM last summer ☺️

This photo is taken when I moved to Helsinki this April, I took it when I were sitting on the bus, the ticket was so cheap (around 8€), so I paid 1€/hour for the trip (it took nearly 8hours 😂)

This photo had been my background for almost a year, I have the other background picture now 😊 But this is one of my favorite pictures 😊

Stundars is a nice outdoor museum if you want to see old Finnish houses. I were here with those 3 awesome guys too ☺️

This is my school event for freshmen, it doesn't look so much but at least it is something 😂 This photo is taken by one of our tutors last year. I don't know who but let me know if you recognized this is yours 😅

This is my old room ☺️ I am homeless now, living as an au pair life 😂

Going to picnic in Vaasa is also a nice experience. The city is surrounded by the sea, so you can easily find good spots to sit down 😊

This is everything about Vaasa from my point of view.

If you don't know where is Vaasa, click Here for more information.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a great weekend ☺️

x Tammi

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