Being aupair

Family cruise!

“There is a big between student cruise and family cruise” – my host mom said when she asked me to go with them on the cruise to Stockholm. I have been on the cruise to Stockholm twice during the last 4 months as an au pair. FOR FREE. Yes, completely free. Of course, I have to work during the cruise, but anyways, that were awesome experience.


Going on the cruise is kind of Western thing (in my opinion), it is just becoming popular in Asia recently. It sounds luxurious, but in Finland (or I would say in the Europe as a whole) it is just a normal holiday being away from the country, but instead of going by plane, you go with the cruise ship for few days.

What is student cruise?

Student cruise is going on a cruise with “insane” party hard people around your age, being drunk and going to the bars the whole trip. After the cruise, everyone are invited to go straight to “after cruise” party (at some real bar on land) and continue partying. It is worth to try once in a student life! (The only student cruise I went to was a tutor cruise only, at least, Johanna and I, we had fun together). So I am thinking to try a real student at some point 😀

What is family cruise?

Family cruise is to go with family on a cruise. Which means, you can drink, but not as much as going with friends on the student cruise.

For au pair, family cruise is more about having fun with children in “playing room”, discovering new places in a new country, shopping and relaxing at the same time.

For parents, family cruise is about going on a date night and celebrating anniversary or birthday with children, spending time with their own kids and relaxing.

For children, family cruise is freaking awesome, good food, candies, no bed time, Muumi, playing area, PS4, dancing and having fun.

2 weeks ago, it was my last cruise trip to Stockholm as an au pair. That was suuuuper!

I had chance to ride a real horse around a amusement park (not just sitting on them and taking pictures in Vietnam), went to the zoo, had “Swedish ice-cream”, ate great food and went shopping and dancing with my host kid on the cruise.

All of the pictures are just random ones taken by iPhone.

I got upgraded to a fancy cabin on the 9th floor, as my host kid said, it feels like we are living in a hotel ❤

This is my room, the view from my room and the view from my floor.




Some chairs in Playing area


My host kid were one of the winners in the Drawing competition


She is dancing with Muumi and Pikku Myy


It was my normal working day, but I did had some drinks after work 😉


A picture to proof that I were in Stockholm 😉


That amusement park Skansen, I think it is pretty famous in Stockholm?


The horse were quite chill even though I screamed a lot in the first minute.



That was one of my greatest time while working as an au pair. Thank you a lot for all the experiences 🙂

So, that was about my trip with my host family. Thank you for reading and I wish you a lovely Wednesday ❤

x Tammi

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