when we are in love

The weather forecast said, it is going to rain like this during the whole weekend. Autumn in Finland is full of rain. Wait!

I meant, Summer and Autumn in Finland are mostly raining and sometimes windy, it is not super strong that makes you fly freely as bird in the blue sky, but still, as terrible as in any cartoon scene, the doomsday. But luckily today, it is just raining.

We went out from the café shop, 15 minutes before its closing time. Still arguing about “what are the stages of love”. It has been roughly half an hour already, and we can’t find any good way to “build” that stages. Eventually, he said, it is so stupid to talk about it, because everyone has their own opinion about “stages of love”, “the definition of love”, “being in love” and “falling in love”.

He took the magnets as an example of “stages of love”. It was such a bad example I have ever heard, because after he described it, I understood nothing. After that example, he forgot which side he was arguing for, and arguing against … He had his own point of view, but then after he giving that example, he is in my side already, huh?

That insane example made me confused, but wondering at the same time. Everyone knows, that two opposite poles of magnets attract each other. Once they got stick and stuck to each other, it is hard to repel them away.

But, why people, when they got attracted to each other, after certain period of time, they break up? Have they ever loved each other or it was just an empathy? Or, was that because they felt lonely so they need someone to be with, and somedays, they got fed up with their partner, and decided to stop? Or simply, they just found another one, who is better than their “current partner”, and broke up, end of the game. Like the magnets, they can stick together forever, but when you add a stronger energy to the magnetic field, you can easily repel them from each other.

Let’s assume, the force of the magnets is not as strong as the feeling of love. “Love” can’t change as fast as the force of the magnets when one external energy is enough to destroy the magnetic field, but why people still break up? Why people start loving each other when they know, one day, their relationship will end?

And he asked me, “what is love”. I said: “Love is a strong feeling towards somebody or something”. “Do you love ice cream?”. “Huh?” Dummy!


I think, and agree with him, and with every one of you, that there are no words to describe “what love is”. But I am sure, that we all can feel how it is. And if it is a true love, I believe, that there is nothing can break it up. As magnets, if they are designed to attract each other, then there is nothing can repel them from their own field (I don’t mention about metals and how it works to magnets. Numbers, chemistry and physic are totally out of my knowledge)

This is just a small random story. Thank you for reading and I wish you all a happy weekend. I can’t wait to see my dad and my uncles, but at the same time, I don’t know what to show them in Helsinki, city of the rain, the cold, the wind and soon, the darkness 😊 Let’s hope the weather is going to be better when they are coming 😊

x Tammi

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