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Mennään mökille! – summer diary

Mennään mökille! – Let's go to (summer) cottage!


*we rent a summer cottage in Virrat*I love Finland in a way that, there are many cottages so where ever and when ever you feel like going away to other cities, staying in mökki is definitively the best choice.

I think, there are 2 types of (summer) cottages life: mökki-mökki – staying in mökki during the whole trip as a real cottage life; and mökki-hotel: renting a mökki as a hotel room (well surely, a mökki is a lot bigger than a room in the hotel, and you can do a looot of things than just staying and sleeping ).

I enjoy both of the mökki life, when mökki-mökki is so much fun and chill out with good friends, while mökki-hotel is amazingly relaxing with him

Four of us, we don't see each other so often, but when we do, it always good good goood vibes.

Tiedosto_000 (1).jpeg

I can't remember how long did I stay overnight with them there in the mökki, was that two nights something, what-so-ever, it was, I think, our best time. We had karaoke until 1, 3 or 4 AM, we played different kind of games, we went fishing, boating, BBQ, sauna, cooking all together, and drinking…


This is me showing the curves, there are three minus things about mökki, gaining weight, all the insects, no bathroom and no water … Oh, four things!


I love staying in mökki in a way that, we actually having fun time, laughing, singing so hard without any worries of disturbing our neighbors ..

And with him, even though we used mökki as a hotel room- we ate out in downtown close to the mökki everyday, we spent time outside as tourists, we went to "explore" the parks, went around the city and looked for hidden places…


However, the moment when we were chatting the cozy quiet atmosphere inside the mökki  after a long walking day is just like in a fairy tale, imagine when you read the scene that two main characters sitting down next to the fireplace, under a warm yellow orange type-of-light, inside a wooden house in the middle of nowhere, sharing secrets and laughing at those stupid things they have done… Of course, life is not made up in a fairy tale, but that moment is magically beautiful as in a fairy tale 🙂


For Finnish people, mökki is the time for family or/and friends gathering, just like our Moon festival or Tet – Lunar New Year in Vietnam or as the whole Asia. But mökki, it is more special because, we all live outside of the city, lack of internet, water, electricity and everything. It's like going back to the 80s and 90s when what you can do are just talking and being around nature, like living-in-stone-age-century, absolutely NOTHING.


It is understandable when some people, nowadays, don't want to go to mökki, away from modern life  anymore. Not only in Finland, the modern life seriously changed us so much, people just busy with modern life, working like crazy and having fun at bars or music festivals so hard that they forget life is, doing things and being with family and dearest people. It is the same with our traditional festivals, it used to be family time, but not anymore, when people use it as a party time and such. Sometimes, we can, literally,  STOP and just sit down xD *well, there is nothing opposite of this bench and I didn't sit down at all, but he did sat down for a second lol*


Aaanyways, I love every moment I have had in mökki. As a foreign student living in Finland, mökki is one of the most memorable experience, to have fun, and to see how beautiful nature is 🙂



I will end this post here. These photos are taken by Santeri, anh Nam and me. Thank you Santeri and anh Nam so much for the pictures.

Thank you all for reading my blog, let me know your experience about mökki life 🙂

And have a relaxing Friday night, or if you are drinking, I hope you wont passed out that easy. Goodnight ❤

x Tammi


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