when we are in love

The weather forecast said, it is going to rain like this during the whole weekend. Autumn in Finland is full of rain. Wait! Continue reading “when we are in love”


are you ready to move on?

There are so many articles about “signs that you know if you are get over your broken relationship” and sht. I will use the research of 2 people to clarify and make it as brief as I can. One is Kennedy-Moore and Watson with their book “Expressing emotion” and the other one is “Five stages of grief” – also known as Kübler-Ross model by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But I will describe it in a my own way with my personal experiences. Continue reading “are you ready to move on?”


TINDER – BADOO – hot or not!

I have been thinking a lot about this topic, should I write use it as a new subject for my blog or shouldn’t I. Because all of them are my personal stories and I have never ( or barely seen) anyone who “dare” to publish their own experiences while using those “dating apps”.  (of course some, when they found their forever-love successfully).

But, I gonna share it here anyway, cuz somehow its fun, and just want to tell you all, how does it work and my personal opinions about those apps.

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