are you ready to move on?

There are so many articles about “signs that you know if you are get over your broken relationship” and sht. I will use the research of 2 people to clarify and make it as brief as I can. One is Kennedy-Moore and Watson with their book “Expressing emotion” and the other one is “Five stages of grief” – also known as Kübler-Ross model by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But I will describe it in a my own way with my personal experiences. Continue reading “are you ready to move on?”


TINDER – BADOO – hot or not!

I have been thinking a lot about this topic, should I write use it as a new subject for my blog or shouldn’t I. Because all of them are my personal stories and I have never ( or barely seen) anyone who “dare” to publish their own experiences while using those “dating apps”.  (of course some, when they found their forever-love successfully).

But, I gonna share it here anyway, cuz somehow its fun, and just want to tell you all, how does it work and my personal opinions about those apps.

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